• Title II

    Preparing, Training, and Recruiting Highly Qualified Teachers and Principals

    Title II funds are used for professional development and class size reduction. Each school completes a professional development component of the school's continuous improvement plan. All plans are based on needs assessments used to determine the professional development needs of the schools and county. These plans are available at each school, at the central office, or online. The Alabama Regional In-service Center located on the campus of the University of North Alabama provides professional development opportunities. The Alabama State Department of Education provides training for central office personnel, who in turn train teachers and administrators at the local level.

    Another very important use of Title II funds for the school system is class-size reduction for teachers. These teachers are placed in schools with a large number of students eligible for free and reduced lunch, minority students, students with low test scores, and (English Learners) EL students.

    Class Size Reduction

     These funds have been used to employ three teacher units (1.57 FTEs) at Colbert Heights Elementary, Hatton Elementary, Leighton Elementary, and Colbert County High School. The extra teacher units have had a positive impact on class size reduction at these schools. Research has shown that students learn better and that higher student achievement can be obtained by reducing the size of classes. The remainder of the funds allocated under Title II is used for professional development activities for teachers, paraprofessionals, and administrators at all schools.

    School - CES 0.56 FTE

    School - CHS 0.21 FTE

    School - CHES 0.38 FTE

    School - HES 0.25 FTE

    School - LES 0.37 FTE

    School - NBES PT Interventionist