• The goal of the counseling program is to meet the needs of all students, providing a safe and nurturing environment for everyone. Over the course of the year, the counselor will be working with our students in a few different ways. First, the counselor will work with students through classroom guidance lessons and activities. We will cover topics related to academics, careers, and personal/social issues. Second, the counselor will meet with students individually, either on a set schedule or on an as-needed basis. If you feel that your child would benefit from counseling resources, please let the counselor know, and we will get that set up. Third, the counselor will provide various small group activities to meet the needs of students dealing with similar circumstances. Through all of these activities, the counselor hopes to provide an environment for students to understand and work on their mental health, learning the tools they need to carry with them for years to come. Feel free to reach me at 256-248-9040.


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