• Indian headdress

    Tribe Vibes:

    At Cherokee Elementary School, we are a close-knit tribe of Pre-school through sixth graders. We believe in supporting each other for the good of the children, learning, and overall success.


    Cherokee Elementary School exists to nurture a love of learning in a safe environment where high expectations are set for academic and social development conducive to life-long success.


    Cherokee Elementary School will work cohesively with the district, parents, students, and stakeholders to educate all students with a challenging curriculum while maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment.

    Core Beliefs

    • All children can learn.
    • School should be a safe environment for children.
    • The classroom should be well-managed and conducive to learning.
    • We educate children academically and socially.
    • We nurture a love of learning for life-long success.
    • A good balance of compassion and discipline should exist in the school.
    • Teachers set high expectations for student learning and behavior.
    • Active involvement of students, parents, and the community determine overall school success.