• robotics

  • Colbert Heights Elementary school is dedicated to building a competitive robotics program that will encourage and inspire students to pursue future careers in engineering.  We have won many awards and established ourselves as a school that has competitive robotics teams. We compete against other teams all across the state of Alabama. 

    Facts about the CHES robotics program:

    • In 2018-2019, we had 2 competition teams. Both teams earned a spot at the State tournament.
    • In 2019-2020, we had 3 competition teams. All 3 earned a spot at the State tournament.
    • The 3 robotics teams competed 4 times in the 2019-2020 season.
    • Team B placed 2nd in the teamwork challenge at State which earned them a spot at the World competition which would have been held in April 2020 if not for COVID 19.
    • Team B placed 2nd out of 80+ teams at the State competition, earning the Teamwork Challenge Award.
    • CHES Robotics Team B is the only school in Northwest Alabama that qualified for the World competition in 2020.
    • We have won several awards in the last couple of years, and during the 2019-2020 competition season, we won the Excellence Award, the Teamwork Challenge Award and the Design Award.
    • We had to take the 2020-2021 year off due to covid.
    • We had 3 competition teams for the 2021-2022 season and competed in two competitions.