• Pre-K registration ends on March 1, 2022. To register, click here. The drawing will take place on March 10, 2022.

    In-person registration will be at CHES on February 17, 2022 until 1:30p.m.

  • PreK registration

  • Colbert Heights Elementary’s First Class Pre-K Program consists of three classrooms that service a total of 54 students. Pre-K is for children who are age 4 on or before September 1st. CHES’ Pre-K classrooms offer a safe and nurturing environment for early learners to experience and grow while starting out their education. Teachers are highly qualified and have a lead and auxiliary teacher in each room. Students are able to participate in hands-on learning activities and develop social skills. Parents are also heavily involved in the program through field trips, monthly home projects, and volunteer opportunities at the school. Field trips are coordinated based on helping students experience opportunities they might not have available otherwise. 

    Colbert Heights Elementary’s First Class Pre-K holds their onsite registration every February. Online registration begins in January on the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education’s website. Placement is determined by a random drawing that occurs in March.

    Research shows young children who have positive early learning experiences are better equipped to develop the cognitive, social, physical, and emotional skills they will need throughout the rest of their school years. 

    Colbert Heights Elementary Pre-K #1
    Teacher: Tiffanie Stewart
    Auxiliary Teacher: Debbie Mitchell

    Colbert Heights Elementary Pre-K #2
    Teacher: Alisa Morris
    Auxiliary Teacher: Molly Lawler

    Colbert Heights Elementary Pre-K #3
    Teacher: Brittne Beasley
    Auxiliary Teacher: Lakin Howell