• History of Colbert Heights High School

    In December of 1938 the small school of Melrose at the foot of Colbert Mountain burned. Interim classes were held at Colbert Heights Baptist Church until construction was complete at the present site of Colbert Heights High School. The name was changed from Melrose to Colbert Heights upon completion of the new facility. Beginning in 1964, a grade was added yearly until the school contained grades one through twelve with the first class of seniors graduating in 1967.
    Through the years, Colbert Heights High School has had a number of changes and additions. In 1974, a new gym was constructed. To accommodate continued growth, more classrooms were added to the existing school in 1978. Colbert Heights High School served as a kindergarten through twelfth grade school until 1984. A separate elementary school was built during this time allowing for the growth of the junior high and high school grades. In 1995, the school went through a transformation with the addition of a junior high annex and the demolition of the old sandstone building which was replaced with the construction of new offices and classrooms.
    Currently, Colbert Heights High School serves approximately 500 students on a daily basis. The school is served by a great group of highly qualified teachers and an excellent support staff.