Pre-K  Program

    At Leighton Elementary, we have two Office of School Readiness First Class Pre-K Programs. The first OSR pre-k at Leighton was established in the fall of 2013 by Mrs. Bethany Pettus as the lead teacher.

    The second unit was established in the fall of 2016 by Mrs. Rolanda Johnson as the lead teacher. These pre-k programs are grant-funded by the state. Our programs are play-based learning.

    Students have the opportunity to learn through hands-on daily learning. Every January, registration opens up to all available four-year-olds to register for pre-k. The selection process is a random drawing for all 36

    spots. For more information on pre-k registration, please visit our district website. 

    Pre-K Teachers
    Leighton Elementary Pre-K #1
    Bethany Pettus- Lead Teacher Email: bpettus@colbert.k12.al.us
    Morgan Castle- Auxiliary Teacher Email: mcastle@colbert.k12.al.us
    Leighton Elementary Pre-K #2 
    Rolanda Johnson- Lead Teacher Email: rjohnson@colbert.k12.al.us
    Cassidy Taylor- Auxiliary Teacher Email: ctaylor@colbert.k12.al.us