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Freshman and Class of '28 Schedule Planner

Freshman and Class of '28 Schedule Planner


Class of 2028

Diploma Selection and Course Registration

Name _____________________________ 2024-2025 Grade: 9
Select your diploma path:
Advanced Academic Diploma ______ Standard Academic Diploma ______

Course Selection

All Seniors will take the following classes based on their diploma selection.
Advanced Academic Endorsement Standard Academic Endorsement
Adv. Geometry with Data Analysis Geometry with Data Analysis

Adv. English 9 English 9
Biology Biology
World History World History
Career Prep Career Prep

Elective Selection

All Freshmen will choose two (2) electives from the following classes. Your child’s first and
second selections should be indicated so we know which classes they most want to take.
Electives held at CHHS:
____ Art
____ Construction
____Marching Band
____Spanish I
____ Athletics

Parent Signature: _______________________ Date:____________
Student Signature: ______________________ Date:____________